Medicina Evolucionista: Aportaciones pluridisciplinares. Volumen 2
(Evolutionary medicine: pluri-disciplinary contributions. Volume 2)

On this page you can have access to the abstracts in English of this book and some free selected chapters


Basic concepts: Understanding evolution

Ingrid Grueso


 Methylation, imprinting and the selfish gene

Guiomar Pérez de Nanclares, Intza Garin & Elena Beristain Mendizabal


If immunity or tolerance was the response, what was the question? Reflection on immunological recognition and evolution

 Silvia Sánchez-Ramón1 & Daniela Butnaru


 Immunosurveillance or immunoediting of cancer?

José R. Regueiro


Oncogenic virus and evolution

Catarina Reis Vieira


Evolutionary history of Helicobacter pylori

 Marina Espínola Docio & Teresa Alarcón


Parasitology in antiquity. A walk through the writings

 Carmen Cuéllar


Parasites in food

 Carmen Cuéllar


Fermented foods: Can they also obtain the postulated effects of probiotics?

 Alvaro Daschner


Pigmentation of the skin and evolution

 Mónica Martínez García


Caries and periodontal disease: an evolutionary view

José Ignacio Zalba Elizari