Abstract of the chapter

Evolution, Information and Human Biology

Victor Volpini Bertrán

The theory of evolution proposed by Darwin was a milestone as an explanation of the transformation of life from its origins to immediately permeate the vision of all economic and social organization of humanity in Western culture as spirit of the times (Zeitgeist). With absence of teleology and mainly by natural selection as agent and efficient cause centering exclusively on the organismic and individual level it pretends to achieve the explanation of the vast taxonomic organization of life and its evolution from primordial times. This vision or paradigm found anomalies in the incompleteness of the fossil record and characteristic aspects of human biology as altruism and post-reproductive longevity which could be explained better with a supra and infra individual hierarchical selection. We can see strong parallels between the evolution of life and cultural human evolution itself both established over time transmission and transformation of information subject to selective agents (natural selection, randomness) on hierarchical units. We can bring a broader argument trying to explain the evolution of the physical world from its origins assimilating the information to the anisotropy of the cosmos and its inherent tendency to transformation in a similar mode.

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